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Google Calendar Integration for Blackbaud CRM was the first non-Blackbaud customization on the Infinity platform. Shaun Sullivan, former Blackbaud CTO, said at the time on the Blackbaud Labs website (via the Wayback Machine):

“I was excited to see a 3rd party developer digging into our SDK and building something cool…  Using the Infinity Software Development Kit (SDK), Mr. Zeidman built an interesting integration between the special events feature and Google Calendar.”

Coming soon for 2019!

We are in the process of developing an integration between MailChimp and Blackbaud CRM.

Please contact us for more information on this new product.

Bank Validator checks UK financial institutions and constituent accounts.

  • For the financial institutions, the branch name and address will also be updated
  • For the constituent accounts the account will be flagged as whether it is valid for direct debit processes.
  • The customization introduces the ability to query on constituent accounts and in doing so allows for them to be globally validated.
  • Both the sort code and account number can be validated on entering the details into a batch or through the import into a batch (not shown in the video)

With Blackbaud CRM you can integrate functionality into the application seamlessly. Our Helpline Application is used wherever an organization needs to track those who call for help and advice.

Is a bespoke customization for me?

Do you have a business process that is just not covered by Blackbaud CRM? Just as with the Helpline application it is possible to integrate any kind of process into Blackbaud CRM making the connection to you existing constituents, revenue and other areas of the product. Get in contact for a quote.