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Manage – General

Select Campaign to Process

  • Users of the Basic version are only able to select a single campaign at a time to process using the Selected Campaigns button. Select the email campaign you wish to manage from the list.
  • Pro users*
    Pro users may select to either pull all the campaigns in a list using the All Campaigns on the List button and selecting the list from the drop-down or may select an automation campaign (see Automation Campaigns later in this guide)

You may optionally select when to pull changes from. This is useful for automation campaigns so that you need not retrieve the changes for every single update but can adjust the date. It is also useful for regular campaigns where you know that there have been clicks and opens since you last ran the campaign. By selecting a date you will only retrieve clicks and opens since that date and will update any actions that have already been added with the new clicks and opens.

Due to a MailChimp API limitation, if you select a date, you will not be able to retrieve soft bounces or those marking the email as spam.

Select the type of emails to process.

Choose from:

  • Hard Bounces
  • Soft Bounces
  • Unsubscribes
  • Those marking email as spam
  • Everyone Sent will give you a list of all those people who actually received your email, so everyone on that list excluding the hard and soft bounces.

Create a control report

Control reports show any errors in the process, you can also choose to create a query of updated records.

Ignore previously processed errors

Where the campaign management process has run previously but failed it is possible to carry on from where you left off. There are a number of reason why the process may have failed but this most commonly occurs with large volumes of data on the Blackbaud hosted environment.

Automation Campaigns (Pro Users)*

If you are running an automation campaign then you are given the option to retrieve all the email addresses from the beginning of the campaign, or by selecting a date, you are able to retrieve those from that date. This is shown below. Note that the text on the ‘date from’ check box and the ‘retrieve all’ check box changes when the campaign is an automation campaign.

*Pro users only

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