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Export Mapping – Salsa Group Export

In order to add Groups to SalsaEngage, you will first need to add the Supporters. If you have not already done that, please review that section of this User Guide before adding Group data to ensure that you have added your Supporters to SalsaEngage. The Salsa Group Export will not create new Supporters.

When you set up a template for the Salsa Group Export, you will select a RE Query. Below, you can see a sample where a user has selected a Query named “@zeidman”.

At the top of the mapping template, you should determine what Salsa field and what Raiser’s Edge field (from the output in your Query) will be used to determine which records the Group information will be added to in SalsaEngage. In our example below, we have opted to work with the Email address as a unique identifier (this shows in our query output as the phone number). We could also work with a Raiser’s Edge Constituent ID if that has been added to SalsaEngage as an External ID or a SalsaEngage Supporter ID if this has been added somewhere in the Raiser’s Edge (we would recommend an Alias).

After selecting your matching field, client on the ‘Add New Mapping’ under Supporter. You can then add to an existing group or create a new group.

If you create a new group, you will need to name the group, provide a Description and you can opt to indicate if it is a mailing list or not using the tick box (see example below).

Your control report will show which records processed correctly as well as which records did not process. Please note that you can only update records that already exist in SalsaEngage with group data. If you would like to add new Supporters to SalsaEngage, you will need to use the separate export function for that purpose.