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Data Selection and Retrieval

Data Sources


The main home screen gives you the current data sources that are available. Note that the available data sources may differ from the image above.

Select a data source to continue, (see each data source FAQ for specific information on bringing in data) for all sources once the data has been loaded you should follow the below procedure.

Once data is selected click’ start’ and the below screen will appear.


The screen shows you the number of records to be processed and you can now create your mapping template.

File (CSV or Excel)

To start working with a file based data source, press the start button and you will be prompted to select a file as shown below.


Press the binoculars to select a CSV or Excel file. For Excel you can also select the worksheet to import from.

Import Tracking

Finally if you have already purchased Audit Trail or Validatrix from Zeidman Development you can ensure all changes are tracked on import and subjected to existing data rules before committing changes. Find out more about Audit Trail and Validatrix.

For more details on connecting to any of the listed data sources and importing your data see the data source FAQ.