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To get started you need to first click on Activate Importacular. This will prompt you to enter your ZeidZone username and password.


Activation will register your copy of Importacular with Zeidman Development. The process sends your organisation name and Raiser’s Edge serial number to our secure servers. This generates a registration code that is unique to your installation.

Entering Server Credentials

If you were prompted to set up the server credentials, the first time that you process an import you will be prompted for the connection details that you created in the server setup as shown below: If you were told that no server setup was required then you will not see this screen.


Enter the SQL server credentials that you set up on the server in order to continue.

Note that you can also set these values by pressing the ZD logo on the main Importacular menu to bring up the About box. Under the advanced menu select “Setup SQL Credentials” to bring up the above screen.