Chimpegration Cloud is a smart, fast, web-based solution, seamlessly integrating Mailchimp with BBCRM



  • Manage your campaign results effortlessly: Add actions to everyone sent a campaign, include their open and click data too.
  • Process your actions instantaneously: Manage unsubscribes in real time, via flags, attributes or email types.
  • Schedule processes regularly: Automatically bring in new data as people interact with your campaigns, saving valuable time.
  • Export contacts directly to Mailchimp: Create new audience lists or segments.
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What is Chimpegration Cloud

Chimpegration Cloud Export Demo

Chimpegration Cloud Manage Campaign Results Demo

Chimpegration Cloud Realtime Actions Demo


Duplicate Email Handling

Multiple email address handling allows you to determine a primary email address holder for your selected export or campaign management action.

Tracking Clicks

Record the opens and clicks of an email as interaction attributes to make your email campaign reporting even easier and more accurate