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What it does:

IDLookup takes a list of people and looks them up in Raiser’s Edge.

  • You can map various criteria sets for looking up.
  • The plug-in will try to match against each criteria set until it finds either a unique match or the match with the fewest multiples.


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IDLookup Search

  • This search utility has all the power of IDLookup with the convenience of a regular search.
  • Search using wildcards or search using criteria sets to bring up a single record or to navigate through many records as you would do in query.
  • See the screencast below for more details.

IDLookup Dedupe

  • This application allows you to dedupe your database making use of IDLookup’s powerful criteria set functionality to create a custom duplicate report.
  • This feeds straight into The Mergician to delete duplicates en masse

RE 7.94

  • For RE7.94 we have optimised our phone, email and link searching routines so that records are find based on these no longer being tied to addresses.


  • Just as with the RE import module you can map your file to the plug-in’s standard naming convention and save this as a template for future use.
  • The input and output can be in either Excel or CSV format