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Getting Started and Constituent Mapping

To get started you will first need to create a Constituent Mapping, all other mappings will link to this so you must do this first.


To create a new one select ‘add new mapping’ and choose between, individual, organisation or combined*

You will now be shown a grid where you can choose which RE fields should map to your source fields. Any field names that are identical will match automatically but you can edit these in the table if you wish.

*You are able to import a mixture of individual and organization constituents in the same way as you would in a regular Raiser’s Edge import. In this case you need a field that determines the key indicator (a value of “I” or “O”) in the data source.

You can choose to set a default value for certain fields. For example if you don’t ask for address from a data source you can choose to mark all records imported as ‘no valid address’.


Fields that are marked as required should either be mapped or a default value should be given for them. In the example above Surname (Last name in the US) is a required field as it is in RE. You must either map a field from the source or enter a default value in the default value column. Your organisation may have made other fields require in which case they will also be shown as required.