What it does:

The Mergician makes merging multiple records simple. Using  Raiser’s Edge own duplicate criteria, simple email deduping or more complex IDLookup criteria set dedupe

  • Allows you to create a merge file
  • Feed the merge file into The Mergician and each pair of constituents will be merged.
  • Clean up duplicate attributes, codes, gifts, after the merge too!


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Filter Merge Fields

  • You can decide which areas of the constituent you want to merge
  • Filter the records to merge so that records with a specific constituent code or attribute will not be merged
  • Add an attribute to the secondary record so you can delete it later
  • You can also add the Id of the secondary, deleted constituent as an alias on the primary constituent

Clean up

  • You can add the merged areas as a notepad on the merged record
  • Clean-up functionality enables you to delete duplicate gifts, attributes and address information during the merge

Deduping using multiple criteria

  • Dedupe Raiser’s Edge using the power of IDLookup criteria sets
  • Select from an large range of fields, There is no need to rely on Raiser’s Edge when you can apply your own logic to the deduplication process


  • You can exclude all constituents from the merge file based on a query
  • Also include constituents and their corresponding merge constituent in the merge file based on a query

Output file

  • Configure your duplicate output fields exactly as you would like them
  • You are able to add almost any field on the constituent record as well as summary fields

RE 7.94

  • Handle phones, emails and links that are no longer tied to addresses
  •  You are also able to clean up duplicate phones following a merge

IDLookup Dedupe

  •  IDLookup Dedupe means you can dedupe the whole database without exporting it
  • Using a wide range of fields, soundex of those fields, field equivalents and any combination of all of the above

Testing The Mergician

You can test The Mergician on your production database, however you are limited to merging only two records per merge. Of course, you can merge as many as you want in the sample database.


  • We are finding the Mergician very useful as it has allowed us to clean up a large backlog of duplicate records, of which we had been aware for some time but never had the resources to merge them all manually. The merging of addresses/phone numbers is a great feature and it’s very helpful to automatically identify the merged Cons ID in the aliases. All in all we are extremely pleased with the tool.

    Kirsty Neal, Supporter Data Manager
  • We’ve been using The Mergician as part of a large de-duplication effort on a database of ~100K records, and have been very pleased with it. It has convenient and well thought out options that most organizations could use, and allows you to use your own custom merge files for those cases when the built-in options aren’t enough. In our case, the ability to use custom merge files was critical since we did our own filtering and matching of records outside of Raisers Edge.


    Brett Rossier, Programmer / Database Administrator