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Large or small, we can make your software work for you!

We have a range of products available to both hosted and on-premise users, get started right now!

We have been working with BBCRM since 2008. Our latest development is Chimpegration Cloud for BBCRM – coming soon for 2019.


Chimpegration Cloud for Altru is also coming soon – this will allow users to integrate their MailChimp marketing activity with their Altru database.


From a simple healthcheck to a total overhaul of processes and everything inbetween.


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If you access your database via a browser you are probably hosted by Blackbaud



Phone numbers:
(646) 570-1131 (US)
020 3637 0080 (UK)
+44 20 3637 0080 (International)


About Us

Zeidman Development started as a software company but we can offer all the services you need to make your database as effective as possible, including training, consultancy, bespoke customizations, set up, integration and maintenance.