What it does:

  • Track when and by whom changes were made
  • Search and filter changes
  • Revert incorrect data with a simple click
  • Monitor who is logging in and out

Side-by-side Feature Comparison

What is Audited?
New Records
Gift Batch
Global Change (via plug-in)
Constituent Audit
Constituent Biographical
Constituent Addresses and phones
Constituent Address Attributes
Constituent Attributes
Constituent Notepads
Constituent Codes
Solicit Codes
Additional Addressee and Salutations
Prospect - General
Prospect - Gifts to Others
Prospect - Financial Information
Proposal Attributes
Proposal Solicitors / Canvassers
GiftAid Declarations (UK Only)
Volunteer Audit
Volunteer Assignment
Volunteer Award
Volunteer Checklist
Volunteer Course
Volunteer Interest
Volunteer Mandate
Volunteer Medical Details
Volunteer Skills
Volunteer Timesheet
Volunteer Type
Gift Audit
Gift Count
Gift Information
Gift Attributes
Soft Credits
Gift Notepads
Action Audit
Action Count
Action Information
Action Attributes
Action Notepads
Relationship Audit
Individual, Organization, Education, Solicitor (Canvassar) Information
Individual, Organization, Education Attributes
Participant Audit
Participant Information
Participant Attributes
Membership Audit
Membership Information
Membership Attributes
Membership Benefits
Membership Cards
Audit in Log File
Searchable Audit Viewer Plug-in
Global Change Processing Plug-in
Define and highlight business rules that the data does not conform to.
Undo changes
User logins and logouts


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Sophisticated Filtering of Changes

Analyse changes more easily:

  • Pre-define you business rules
  • Select different fields to view based on user groups e.g. major donor

Conditional Business Rules

Validatrix comes as a module with Audit Trail at no extra cost, but it is also a separate product in its own right.

  •  Set up rules to ensure data standards are met
  •  New and existing records accurately edited
  • Alternatively turn a RE query into a rule using Validatrix Query Converter

Revert Changes to their Previous Value

Revert errors directly from the Audit Viewer, this makes maintaining clean data even easier with a simple click to undo them immediately.

Track Global Changes

The global change plugin allows you to enter the query you are about to use, perform the change and then process the audit.

View User Logins and Logouts

In the professional version Audit User allows you to see logins and logouts, including which machine was used.


  • This is an exceptional tool that the Raiser’s Edge was missing. The impact of Audit Trail for end users of RE was instant; complaints and requests to IT dropped dramatically and users felt empowered to correct issues with data themselves, now they could easily identify entry point and see all areas affected by a change. The longer term benefits can be found in the insights the data collected gives us. After creating an analysis model to give senior management a better view of our findings, we made some important changes to how we manage our data. This is a benefit that will grow year-on-year as we collect more data and the findings of which I presented at BBCon 2013 with David Zeidman.



    Mohammed Dasser, Director, Information Technology Services
  • At Pomona College, we reference Audit Trail nearly every day to correct mistakes and to identify data entry errors that require retraining. We also use it to distribute information to our users about specific changes made to constituents’ records each day and to track our data entry personnel’s productivity and workload. We love this product and simply couldn’t function without it


    Nadine Francis , Senior Director, Advancement Services & Information Systems, Pomona College
  • Audit Trail is the perfect tool to enhance your use of Raiser’s Edge in that it will audit all the main fields and who updates them, as well applying data standards this aids me in looking for holes in training and enables me to plug the gaps. Perfect for those questions from users, who updated those records as well as having added security to be able to reconstruct wrongly changed data. I would highly recommend this product.

    ABF, The Soldiers Charity

    Oliver Davey, Data & Business Intelligence Manager
  • We’ve used Audit Trail for the last year now and it’s been an invaluable tool, helping us identify weaknesses in our data entry processes. The Field Profile and Audit Standards functionality enables us to pin-point fields with incorrectly entered data (e.g. non-capitalised letters in First Name, incorrect email address and date-of-birth formats, etc.). By identifying users who make these entries we’ve been able to target our training and reinforce end-users confidence in using the Raiser’s Edge.

    Special Olympics Ireland

    Niall Callaghan, IT Manager

Audit Trail Free

Audit Trail Free tracks only deletions in Raiser’s Edge and does not come with the Audit Viewer. Whenever a constituent is deleted it records key areas of the record to a log file. Those key areas are biographical information, address, phones and constituent attributes. It also gives you summary counts of gifts and actions.


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