Audit TrailAudit Trail allows users to track changes in NXT and interrogate the data

Mistakes happen. Staff change. Audit Trail Cloud is here to ensure you keep on top of your data management in a constantly changing environment.

Audit Trail Cloud can help you with:

  • Training: Track changes on a field-by-field basis to find common errors and data issues

  • Ongoing monitoring: Filter changes by person who made the change, constituent, date, area and even single fields

  • Restoring data: a full history of all deleted and overwritten fields
  • Live view: See changes to records directly in NXT using our custom tile

  • Track everywhere!: Track updates made on both NXT and database view as well as on import and global change

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What changes can I track?

You can track additions, deletions and changes. Take a look at a full list of what is tracked here.

How much will my AWS cost?

See here for Amazon’s cost calculator, however Amazon offer $1000 per year to most non-profits in credits, see here for more details (exclusions apply for Educational orgs).

Will Zeidman Development have access to my data?

No, your data is housed in your own AWS account, we have no access unless you explicitly give us permissions.