We are finding the Mergician very useful as it has allowed us to clean up a large backlog of duplicate records, of which we had been aware for some time but never had the resources to merge them all manually. The merging of addresses/phone numbers is a great feature and it’s very helpful to automatically identify the merged Cons ID in the aliases. All in all we are extremely pleased with the tool.

Kirsty Neal, Supporter Data Manager

We’ve been using The Mergician as part of a large de-duplication effort on a database of ~100K records, and have been very pleased with it. It has convenient and well thought out options that most organizations could use, and allows you to use your own custom merge files for those cases when the built-in options aren’t enough. In our case, the ability to use custom merge files was critical since we did our own filtering and matching of records outside of Raisers Edge.


Brett Rossier, Programmer / Database Administrator