Validatrix is a powerful tool that is helping us to move away from crib sheets and integrity queries and towards data on which we can rely to be complete. We’re still a long way from discovering the extent of what Validatrix can do, but it’s already nudging our users to fill in all the necessary fields. What makes it smart is the way the rules can be conditional. For instance, we’re implementing rules that make certain proposal attributes required when the proposal purpose is set to a particular value. This reduces the burden on our users and ensures the data is there when we need to report on it.


Thomas Wright, Fundraising Database Officer

Although my organization just started using Validatrix the potential benefits are clear. We spend a lot of time and effort cleaning data that does not adhere to our business rules.  Because of the complexity of our organization some business rules are difficult to enforce in the Raiser’s Edge, even with constant user training. Validatrix gives us the opportunity to enforce specific organizational business rules the Raiser’s Edge cannot natively. This proactive data management approach used in conjunction with Audit Trail allows us to prevent data entry errors and identify to the field level potential future errors

Luis Morales, Director, Development Information Services