We offer the following training options for Importacular:


  • Personalised Onboarding
  • Group Training (included with Support or any subscription purchase)
  • Template Building
  • Free Training Library


Our base Onboarding package includes two two-hour sessions focused on your needs and data, to help you build and test your first template. Should you require more than four hours to build your template, or to create additional templates, run further tests and receive more support on your first imports, or work with multiple import areas we can create an onboarding package to suit you.

We will discuss time needed at the point of purchase and our expert trainers will make a recommendation based on your data sets, importing experience and requirements.

We will walk you through the different areas of the mapping, help you create settings in line with your Raiser’s Edge data rules, and ensure you are confident using all the available options to import data in the most clean and efficient way possible.

This training is best for an individual or small group from your organisation. You will be ‘driving’ the session at the direction of one of our expert consultants so you can learn by doing and develop the skills you need to create and test templates in the future, as well as running regular imports and deciphering any issues you might come across.


For more information and to build your package please get in touch.

Group training consists of three one hour webinars for up to two members of your team to learn how to create templates and import data into Raiser’s Edge. The sessions focus on the free areas of the integration but much of this can be applied across the different data destinations.


  • Session One

    We walk you through everything you need to know to create your first basic template. Creating a constituent record, biographical details, addresses, phones and gifts in RE, as well as updating existing data.

  • Session Two

    This second session will focus on transforming incoming data to work with your Raiser’s Edge standards and the various nuances that allow you to get an import running perfectly.

  • Session Three

    Session three will ensure you understand how to look up and update existing constituents in RE and avoid creating duplicates.

We run group training sessions monthly and you also get access to these webinars for the year as an on-demand recording, so you can revisit what we covered and refresh your learnings.




For those short on time we offer to build your import mapping templates for you, we create the template based on your incoming data and existing RE rules and best practices. We then train you on the import process before sign-off. 

Template building is priced based on the complexity of your data and RE structure, please get in touch for a quote.

We also offer a free video training library for all users. This gives you tutorials on all areas of functionality and can be a helpful addition to our training options above.