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What it does:

Chimpegration seamlessly integrates Raiser’s Edge with MailChimp.



  • Export contacts directly into MailChimp including any merge variables you choose from RE
  • Manage unsubscribes, bounces and add actions to all constituents emailed in each campaign
  • Synchronize new or updated data both ways for a complete integration

Chimpegration Basic offers the Export and Manage Campaign Results sections, you can upgrade to the Pro version at any time giving you the full Synchronziation package as well as more sophisticated data management tools, see below for full details.

Download Chimpegration now to start a 14 day trial of the Pro features. If you are a Blackbaud hosted customer you will need to request a trial here.

Want to see the plugin for yourself first? Request a Chimpegration Demo and we’ll happily arrange one for you.

Request a Chimpegration Demo

Side-by-Side features comparison

Export contacts from query to MailChimp including any merge variables
Add constituents to groups in MailChimp
Update existing constituent details
Export non-constituent relationship records
Manage Results
Manage Campaign results including all sent, unsubscribes, bounces and spam
Add email opens and clicks to an action as attributes
Manage emails sent to non-constituent relationships
Manage Subscribers
Remove constituent from a mailing list if no longer in a query
View constituent's MailChimp activity directly from The Raiser's Edge
Full two-way synchronization between The Raiser's Edge and MailChimp
Full two-way relationship synchronization
Full two-way group synchronization
Lock down areas of the application based on security
Match constituents on email address
Match constituents on constituent id
Duplicate email address handling


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Basic Functionality

Functionality for all versions of Chimpegration including export and management of campaign results


Synchronize The Raiser’s Edge and MailChimp

Chimpegration Pro Features

RE7.94 Updates

For RE7.94 we have updated Chimpegration to work with emails addresses that are no longer tied to addresses. We allow you make full use of the inactive flag (Pro and Basic users)


Chimpegration Pro clients can now export, manage campaign results and synch relationship records.


You can match MailChimp Groups to a constituent attribute, cons code or solicit code making it easier to create accurate segments

Chimpegration View

Chimpegration View allows users who don’t have access to MailChimp to see a constituent’s activity from within RE, what they were sent and when, if they opened it and any links they clicked

Duplicate Email Handling

Chimpegration Pro contains multiple email address handling, allowing you to determine a primary email address holder in RE for imports and managing campaign results whilst synching records for each constituent separately

Tracking Clicks

Record the date the user first opened your email and any links they clicked on within your campaign. These are stored on the action attributes tab to give you the ability to query on the results


  • When making the move to MailChimp, we were excited to have a resource that integrates with Raiser’s Edge. Now after using Chimpegration, we’re even more excited.  It’s so easy to use from adding records into mail chimp and managing campaign results back over.  The service has also been so responsive and thorough: there was an issue with the API Code that was fixed in a couple of hours.  I highly recommend Chimpegration.

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    Alicia Cybulski,Database Specialist
  • We are very excited to be able to work with Chimpegration. Developing our own integration was not a prospect that we even considered because of the time and cost that would be involved. We are expecting that Chimpegration will be a very cost effective solution for us. Zeidman Development have been very responsive to our needs and helpful through the testing phase. We have had really good experiences using Zeidman’s ID Lookup in the past and are looking forward to this new relationship.

    Robert Badley, Manager, Donor Database
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