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Chimpegration integrates Mailchimp with Raiser’s Edge. There are three versions of the application; Chimpegration Basic, Chimpegration Professional and Chimpegration Cloud.  In this guide all areas that are for Professional users only are starred*.

Chimpegration Basic

Chimpegration Basic allows you to export records directly from RE into Mailchimp for use in mass email marketing and gives you the ability to bring your campaign results back into RE, including bounces and unsubscribes. You can also import new subscribers into RE directly from Mailchimp.

Chimpegration Professional

Chimpegration Professional (Pro) in addition to the functionality of Chimpegration Basic, allows you to fully synchronise Mailchimp and Raiser’s Edge to ensure data is as up to date and clean as possible. You can also manage list data (all list subscribers, all unsubscribes and star ratings) and remove subscribers who no longer appear in a query from the Mailchimp list.  All functionality in this documentation specific to the Pro version is starred*. You can watch a demo of the Professional version of Chimpegration here.

Self-hosted users can also view constituent mailing information from Mailchimp directly in RE and access the scheduler module for automating the manage campaign results section.

Chimpegration Cloud

Chimpegration Cloud is a smarter, faster, web-based solution, seamlessly integrating with Raiser’s Edge NXT.  It allows you to manage your campaign results effortlessly, process your actions instantaneously and schedule your campaign management to update RE automatically. You can access our Cloud user guide here.