3Audit Trail Classic allows users to track changes thoroughly and interrogate the data in RE

  • Track who made changes and when at a field level
  • Search and filter changes
  • Revert incorrect data with a simple click
        • Monitor who is logging in and out

Audit Trail Classic is available to self-hosted/third party hosted users only. If you are an RE NXT user please check out Audit Trail.

List of tracked fields

What is Audited?
New Records
Gift Batch
Global Change (via plug-in)
Constituent Audit
Constituent Biographical
Constituent Addresses and phones
Constituent Address Attributes
Constituent Attributes
Constituent Notepads
Constituent Codes
Solicit Codes
Additional Addressee and Salutations
Prospect - General
Prospect - Gifts to Others
Prospect - Financial Information
Proposal Attributes
Proposal Solicitors / Canvassers
GiftAid Declarations (UK Only)
Volunteer Audit
Volunteer Assignment
Volunteer Award
Volunteer Checklist
Volunteer Course
Volunteer Interest
Volunteer Mandate
Volunteer Medical Details
Volunteer Skills
Volunteer Timesheet
Volunteer Type
Gift Audit
Gift Information
Gift Attributes
Soft Credits
Gift Notepads
Action Audit
Action Information
Action Attributes
Action Notepads
Relationship Audit
Individual, Organization, Education, Solicitor (Canvassar) Information
Individual, Organization, Education Attributes
Participant Audit
Participant Information
Participant Attributes
Membership Audit
Membership Information
Membership Attributes
Membership Benefits
Membership Cards
Audit in Log File
Searchable Audit Viewer Plug-in
Global Change Processing Plug-in
Define and highlight business rules that the data does not conform to
Undo changes
User logins and logouts


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Sophisticated Filtering of Changes

Analyse changes more easily:

  • View every field changed in our custom viewer
  • Filter by date, user, area and/or field
  • View changes made to users in a specific query
  • Pre-define you business rules and filter results by changes which break them
  • Create groups of fields to view together to customise your view further

Conditional Business Rules

Validatrix comes as standard with Audit Trail, it allows you to

  •  Set up rules to ensure data standards are met; present your users with an error message, written by you, to describe how the data should be entered
  •  These rules will act on newly created records and current ones with existing errors when opened
  • You can also turn an RE query into a rule using Validatrix Query Converter

Undo errors with one click

Revert errors directly from the Audit Viewer, this makes maintaining clean data even easier. Just one click to return a field to its previous value immediately.

Track Global Changes

The global change plugin allows you to add your global changes to the audit viewer along with all manual changes.

View User Logins and Logouts

Audit User allows you to see logins and logouts, including which machine was used.