ValidatrixValidatrix is available to self hosted users, allowing them to:

  • Set up rules to ensure data standards are met when records are created or edited
  • Prevent data entry errors that pollute their RE database
  • Make sure all data going in is accurate and in line with processes from the very start

Validatrix is available as a stand-alone product but also comes as a standard module in Audit Trail Professional. If you’re looking for a complete data management tool take a look at what Audit Trail Pro can do.


Download the instructions for use, the rules ‘recipe book‘ and ‘Unraveling rules and deciphering dependancies‘, a guide to using Validatrix’s advanced options.

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How to Construct a Rule

1. Select the field you want to validate and our step-by-step guide will walk you through the set-up process

2. Options to create your own using regular expressions

3. Write your own error messages so that your RE users understand exactly how your data should be input at all times

Rule examples

Validatrix is extremely flexible and can work in very many ways, here are a few examples:

  • If the title is Mr, Master, Sir, Lord, etc and the gender must be male
  • First letter of first name and surname must be in upper case
  • If the constituent code is major donor or it is VIP then prevent users who are not supervisors or who are not in the “Major Donor” security group from saving a gift that is greater than $X
  • If constituent code is ‘VIP’ you must add solicit code of ‘do not solicit’ and a notepad type of ‘confidential’
  • If a spouse is added or removed change the marital status and the salutation
  • If gift is over one week old an action must be added
  • If no addresses have the ‘send mail’ flag ticked then ‘no valid address’ must also be ticked

There are almost limitless permutations and options available to suit every business rule, the plug-in can be quite complex so we advise you to take a look at our guide to unraveling rules and deciphering dependancies.

Validatrix Query Converter

You can turn almost any RE query into a Validatrix Rule using the Query Converter. Simply create your query, save it, and upload into Validatrix for a quick creation of your specific rules.