What does Importacular do?

Importacular allows you to connect to eTeamSponsor to bring data directly into RE. It offers;

  • Completely customisable mapping
  • Completely customisable matching criteria
  • Import all different types of data from eTeamSponsor into RE quickly and easily

Importacular integrates with many other web services, for more details and to access our user guide visit our Importacular home page.

What data can I import?

You can import bio, contact and gift data on a specific date range to import into Raiser’s Edge.

On first using this data source you will need to enter your eTeamSponson API key and API secret to access the data from your account.

Get started now:

Simply create a Zeidzone account to activate Importacular

  • Hosted by Blackbaud? Importacular is available as a default plug-in for all users, if you can’t see it in your plug-ins area immediately please get in touch.
  • Self hosted? Download Importacular now.

   Importacular for eTeamSponsor