We use Importacular to import a large number of supporter engagement donations into Raisers Edge from our online portal and other giving platforms such as Charities Aid Foundation, Virgin Money Giving and Just Giving. We managed to easily create a mapping so that along with adding the gifts, new constituents records for new donors who are missing from our database and created and existing records’ data is automatically updated, including contact details, opt-ins and more. This is all done on a significantly easier interface than the import module that exists in Raisers Edge and is very easy to customise for varying campaigns and appeals.

Including the brief amount of time it took to set up the mapping template, we’ve managed to save over eight hours a month in processing time compared to the built in import function on Raisers Edge.

Jamie Knights, Database and Gifts Processing Officer

Importacular has allowed us to streamline our data management processes and bulk uploads. Once the templates had been set up and tested the system has allowed much greater efficiencies; saving the team considerable time and therefore money in the long term. We have used the programme to upload event attendees from Eventbrite post event and plan to upload pre event in the future in order to utilise TRE event platform. We found the set up instructions easy to follow and always found the team on hand and happy to help if we had any bespoke queries.

Victoria Ashworth Taylor, Events Officer

We used Importacular for our big giving day last month. It was a huge success and Importacular was a game changer for us. We were able to download the gift file from EveryDayHero, run a macro to get rid of columns we didn’t need, then run through Importacular and into Batch.  We didn’t have to do anything in Batch except to commit it. So all gifts were in RE and committed every hour. I would be happy to recommend this product.


Kelly Garland, System Support

We were struggling with manual imports from events, alumni surveys, and contact detail updates. Being able to accurately match records based on contact details and names rather than IDs has already saved us so much time and we now have the means to record all of our data in Raiser’s Edge. The Zeidman team were helpful and attentive, going out of their way to fix our specific problems. I would recommend both working with them and using their products.

Grace Holland, Development & Alumni Office

I wasn’t sure if moving from Constant Contact to Raiser’s Edge would take a day or a week. I got it done in less than three days, so that is a success in my books. I hadn’t fully used Importacular before, so there was a learning curve, some trial and error, and mistakes made on my part. It was so much easier than using Import in Raiser’s Edge. With that, you have to match up the specific fields and create lots of other columns to get the data to import directly. For someone like me, not familiar with Import in RE, Importacular is helpful in transferring a lot of data. I know that in the future using Importacular will be much smoother and quicker.


Ashley Light, Development Generalist

Importacular has been a huge time saver. As an organization that receives thousands of donations from multiple sources, Importacular has made it quick and easy for me to import data into Raiser’s Edge without having to enter one donation at a time. And best of all, it is free, easy to learn, and has helped us to stay on track during our busy times of year. I would highly recommend using Importacular!

Tai Nixa Peterson, Database & Development Coordinator

Importacular came highly recommended, It has been a life saver for importing from everydayhero.

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Ely Heard, Development Coordinator & The Raiser’s Edge Database Administrator

Using Crowdrise with Importacular is making my life a lot easier and I am so excited about that!

Taylor King, Flutie Foundation

I love working with the Zeidman team.  They are so attentive to their clients and their products.  Importacular eliminates redundant manual data entry and ensures cleaner data, with features like automatically being able to update the case of incoming data.

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Claire M. Burke, Database Administrator

We had the opportunity to use Importacular and were extremely impressed.  As we explore the use of third-party products like EventBrite and ConstantContact, the need to move data to and from Raiser’s Edge is critical.  Importacular offers sophisticated functionality along with a user-friendly interface. We are excited to continue exploring all the ways it can enhance the use of our data systems.


Gina Gerhard, Business Systems Analyst