Importacular came highly recommended, It has been a life saver for importing from everydayhero.

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Ely Heard, Development Coordinator & The Raiser’s Edge Database Administrator

Using Crowdrise with Importacular is making my life a lot easier and I am so excited about that!

Taylor King, Flutie Foundation

I love working with the Zeidman team.  They are so attentive to their clients and their products.  Importacular eliminates redundant manual data entry and ensures cleaner data, with features like automatically being able to update the case of incoming data.

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Claire M. Burke, Database Administrator

We had the opportunity to use Importacular and were extremely impressed.  As we explore the use of third-party products like EventBrite and ConstantContact, the need to move data to and from Raiser’s Edge is critical.  Importacular offers sophisticated functionality along with a user-friendly interface. We are excited to continue exploring all the ways it can enhance the use of our data systems.


Gina Gerhard, Business Systems Analyst

I run a number of imports to bring data from outside sources into our database.   Often these are adhoc lists in various configurations.  Importacular has the power and customizability to make this process simple and pain-free!  With user-friendly features to prevent duplicate records and the functionality to import constituents, gifts and attributes, Importacular is one of the most helpful tools out there.

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Steven Best, Development Officer