What does Importacular do?

Importacular allows you to easily bring data into RE from Graduway. It offers;

  • Completely customisable mapping
  • Completely customisable matching criteria
  • Constituent and Gift data can be imported for free; Graduway users may also get access to Education and Organisational Relationships as per their contract with Graduway. Affordable subscriptions for other areas of Importacular are also available.

Importacular integrates with many other web services, for more details and to access our user guide visit our Importacular home page.

What data can I import?

You will be able to select your Graduway extract file and from that import biographical, address and educational information as well as organisational relationships. Graduway comes with a default template to help you get you started, you can find it already set up in Importacular, take a look at the accompanying mapping guide here.

Follow this link to instructions on how to download your data from Graduway

Get started now:

  • Self hosted? Download Importacular now.
  • Hosted by Blackbaud? Importacular is available as a default plug-in for all users, if you can’t see it in your plug-ins area immediately please get in touch.

   Importacular for Graduway – Overview

You can also view demos of Importacular’s core functionality on our Importacular home page.