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Importacular allows Raiser’s Edge users to seamlessly import data from a variety of sources by directly integrating with the online applications and systems you use everyday. Use spreadsheets and .csv files without having to reformat your data. Pull details directly from sites such as Every Action, Eventbrite, MobileCause, Classy, and many more, see a full list here.

New users can find our Troubleshooting guide here.

The Constituent, Address and Gift data destinations are available to free users, all other destinations can be purchased by contacting

There are four main steps to using Importacular:

  1. Data selection
  2. Creating mappings
  3. Reviewing data prior to import
  4. Validating and Importing

You can also use Importacular to export into your web services directly from Raiser’s Edge, we have a separate guide for Exporting.

This video shows you an Executive Overview of Importacular and this video shows you what you can do in Importacular that can’t be done in a native RE Import.