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Importacular allows Raiser’s Edge users to seamlessly import data from a variety of sources by directly integrating with the online applications and systems you use everyday. Use spreadsheets (such as .xls and .xlsx) and .csv files without having to reformat your data. Pull details directly from sites such as Every Action, Classy, GiveCampus and many more (see a full list here).

New users can find our Troubleshooting guide here.

There are four main steps to using Importacular:

  1. Data selection
  2. Creating mappings
  3. Reviewing data prior to import
  4. Validating and Importing

After selecting the data you wish to import into Raiser’s Edge, you can either create a new ‘Mapping Template’ or select an existing template (templates are data source specific, so when working with a File, you will only be able to see other File based templates). These templates tell Importacular which fields within Raiser’s Edge should be populated by the selected fields in your data source. They also provide a huge array of settings that tell Importacular how to match to constituent records within Raiser’s Edge (through Criteria Sets) and how to handle the data as it gets imported, transforming the data into something more suitable if you wish or ignore duplicate field entries (such as Constituent Codes, phone numbers/email addresses, etc.).

These templates mimic the structure of a Raiser’s Edge Constituent record and we have endeavoured to keep the same terminology. Within each template the Constituent, Address and Gift tabs are unlocked for all users free of charge. Access to other tabs can be purchased as part of their respective data destinations by contacting and discussing your needs.

Please note, when purchasing additional data destinations, you will be given access to the necessary tabs as well as any relevant and associated mapping areas or area settings to allow you to successfully complete your import. For more information regarding which tabs, mappings areas and settings are available with each data destination, please review that data destination’s respective page in the User Guide or contact

You can also use Importacular to export into your web services directly from Raiser’s Edge. For more information, please see the separate guide for Exporting. Export is not available as part of the free version.

This video shows you an Executive Overview of Importacular and this video shows you what you can do in Importacular that can’t be done in a native RE Import.