What does Importacular do?

Importacular allows you to connect to iSAMS and bring data directly into RE. It offers;

  • Completely customisable mapping
  • Completely customisable matching criteria
  • Import into Bio 1, Bio 2 and Gift for free, with affordable subscriptions for other areas

Importacular integrates with many other web services, for more details visit our Importacular home page.

What data can I import?

Our iSAMS import allows you to bring student and parent data into RE. Completely customisable mapping means you choose where data goes in RE.

In order to set up iSAMS for use with Importacular the first time you will need to enter your iSAMS web address and batch API key, you can find out how to create an API key here.

Try it now!

Simply create an account in our ZeidZone to activate Importacular

  • Self hosted? Download Importacular now.
  • Hosted by Blackbaud? Importacular is available as a default plug-in for all users, if you can’t see it in your plug-ins area immediately please get in touch.

   Importacular for iSAMS