What does Importacular do?

Importacular allows you to bring iWave data into RE. It offers;

  • Completely customisable mapping
  • Completely customisable matching criteria
  • Import into Bio 1, Bio 2 and Gift for free, with affordable subscriptions for other areas

Importacular integrates with many other web services, for more details visit our Importacular home page.

What data can I import?

iWave users can take advantage of a file import option to bring their iWave data across to RE.

Try it now!

Simply create an account in our ZeidZone to activate Importacular

  • Self hosted? Download Importacular now.
  • Hosted by Blackbaud? Importacular is available as a default plug-in for all users, if you can’t see it in your plug-ins area immediately please get in touch.

   Importacular for iWave