Message Focus from Adestra

What does Importacular do?

Importacular allows you to connect to MessageFocus and bring data directly into RE. It offers;

  • Completely customisable mapping
  • Completely customisable matching criteria
  • Import into Bio 1, Bio 2 and Gift for free, with affordable subscriptions for other areas

Importacular integrates with many other web services, for more details and to access our user guide visit our Importacular home page.

What data can I import?

Our MessageFocus import allows you to specify the file format that you would like to import. This can be a simple file name or it can contain a wildcard. The file formats are described here on the Adestra website.

You have the option of fetching files in CSV format or files that are zipped up to reduce space. Select the extension from the dropdown. Finally, decide whether you want to delete the files from the file server. When you are confident that the import process is working as expected you will want to select to delete the files as you will not want to repeatedly import the same files (although Importacular can be set up to prevent duplicate records being created).

In order to get started you will need to enter your MessageFocus account credentials and SFTP credentials.

Can I export into MessageFocus from RE too?

Yes, our MessageFocus export tool is available for free to Adestra clients who are self-hosted RE users (on-premise), you can download it here. This tool allows you to export from RE into existing lists in Message Focus including any fields you wish to use as merge variables in your mailings. You can also schedule exports to run regularly once set-up for the first time.

Get started now:

  • Self hosted? Download Importacular now.
  • Hosted by Blackbaud? Importacular is available as a default plug-in for all users, if you can’t see it in your plug-ins area immediately please get in touch.


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Importacular for MessageFocus – Overview

Export for MessageFocus

Screencasts coming soon! In the meantime you can view core functionality demos on our Importacular home page.