Chimpegration enables you to seamlessly integrate Mailchimp with Raiser’s Edge and Raiser’s Edge NXT.

We have three different levels of Chimpegration.



Chimpegration Basic for RE allows you to:

  • Export contacts directly into a Mailchimp list from a Raiser’s Edge query or export (and add them to Groups or Tags),
  • Manage unsubscribes, bounces and add actions to all constituents emailed in each campaign,
  • Import new subscribers from Mailchimp into Raiser’s Edge.

With Chimpegration Professional for RE you can do all of the above, plus:

  • Fully synchronise Raiser’s Edge and Mailchimp,
  • Store campaign open and click data, bounces and unsubscribes in Raiser’s Edge,
  • Remove subscribers from a Mailchimp list who no longer appear in a query,
  • Export a query of constituents directly onto a Mailchimp automation workflow

…. and much more!

Chimpegration Cloud, a smarter, faster, web-based solution, seamlessly integrating Mailchimp with Raiser’s Edge NXT:

  • Manage your campaign results effortlessly,
  • Process your actions instantaneously, with realtime updates
  • Schedule regular actions from campaigns and lists.

We offer all users a two week free trial of both Chimpegration and Chimpegration Cloud. We are also happy to schedule a live demo.

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Side-by-Side features comparison

Export contacts from query to Mailchimp including any merge variablesPlanned
Add constituents to groups in MailchimpPlanned
Update existing constituent detailsPlanned
Export non-constituent relationship records
Manage Results
Manage Campaign results including all sent, unsubscribes, bounces and spam
Add email opens and clicks to an action as attributes
Manage emails sent to non-constituent relationships
Schedule the processing to happen as often as you like when you like.✓ *
Setup the processing to happen in real time as and when an email bounces, constituent subscribes or unsubscribes, etc
Manage Subscribers
Remove constituent from a mailing list if no longer in a query
View constituent's Mailchimp activity directly from The Raiser's EdgePlanned
Full two-way synchronization between Raiser's Edge and MailchimpPlanned
Full two-way relationship synchronization
Full two-way group synchronizationPlanned
Lock down areas of the application based on security
Match constituents on email address
Match constituents on constituent id
Duplicate email address handling
* with the scheduler module for self-hosted organizations.

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Full Demo

See a full demonstration of Chimpegration in action, here we walk you through all the features available in the Pro version to fully integrate your Raiser’s Edge with Mailchimp.

What is Chimpegration Cloud?

Chimpegration Cloud Live Demo

Here is a preview of our newest version of Chimpegration, designed to work with NXT. Chimpegration Cloud’s campaign management process includes real-time updates and scheduling for NXT users. Watch this video to learn more!


How to export an RE query of constituents to Mailchimp

Manage Campaign Results

Bring your Mailchimp campaign results into RE, including your opens and clicks

Synchronize RE and Mailchimp

Synchronize data both ways between Raiser’s Edge and Mailchimp

Import from Mailchimp

How to import new subscribers into RE and update existing RE constituent data from Mailchimp

Remove Subscribers

Bulk remove subscribers from a list if they no longer appear in an RE query

Getting Started

How to activate the plug-in, link it to your Mailchimp account and get ready to integrate RE with Mailchimp.

Manage multiple Mailchimp accounts

Manage multiple Mailchimp accounts in Chimpegration with profiles

Chimpegration Pro Features

Chimpegration Scheduler

This module is available as an add-on for self-hosted users of Chimpegration, allowing you to schedule the Manage Campaign Results section of Chimpegration. You can schedule the management of bounces and unsubscribes, the addition of actions and more and regularly process multiple campaigns. For more details please take a look at the User Guide for this module and get in touch for pricing.


Chimpegration Pro clients can export, manage campaign results and synchronize relationship records.


You can match Mailchimp Groups to a constituent attribute, cons code, solicit code or consent record, making it easier to create accurate segments and manage preferences across both RE and Mailchimp.

Chimpegration View

Chimpegration View allows RE users who don’t have access to Mailchimp to see a constituent’s activity from within RE, what they were sent and when, if they opened it and any links they clicked on

Duplicate Email Handling

Chimpegration Pro contains multiple email address handling, allowing you to determine a primary email address holder in RE for imports and managing campaign results whilst synching records for each constituent separately

Tracking Clicks

Record the date the user first opened your email and any links they clicked on within your campaign. These are stored on the action attributes tab to give you the ability to query on the results

Managing multiple Mailchimp accounts

You can now work with more than one Mailchimp account using Chimpegration. Set up profiles for each Mailchimp account, save different settings and restrict profiles to specific users too.