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Export Step 4 – Run the Export

Once you have completed your mapping you will need to create a control report. This will show you a summary of the exported data and any errors there may have been in the processing.

Simply select a location for the control report by clicking on the binoculars icon, and give it a name. This will be created automatically as an excel spreadsheet on running the process. We recommend using a new control report for each process for your records and troubleshooting purposes.

If you want to run a test with a small number of records, simple check the ‘only process the first’ box and choose the number of records for your test. It will process from the first record in your export.

Click ‘Export’ to send your data to your data source and you are done! There is no review process.

Should you wish to review the records that were updated (or any exceptions/errors), please see all tabs of your Control Report.