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Export Step 3 – Export mapping

You can now create your mapping template for export. Click on the green plus icon to create a new one. Once you have created templates you can select them from the dropdown menu and edit them by clicking on the pencil icon.

You will have to create a ‘Supporter’ mapping first, you can then add address, contact (email, phone, social) and custom field mappings too. You can only add one ‘supporter’ and one ‘address’ mapping, but multiple ‘contact’ and custom field mappings are available.

The mapping template gives you options to select either a field from your RE export in the dropdown, or to add a default value.

The default value selection is dynamic based on the field type in the data source – e.g. code tables are shown in a drop down menu, date fields present you with a calendar.

Custom fields set up in your data source will be shown as a default option only.