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AWS set-up

You will need to create an account for your organisation with Amazon AWS. Go to https://aws.amazon.com/ and click on ‘create an account’.

You will be set up as the root user, however if you wish to set up an AWS user for running the Audit Trail Configuration application you can find instructions on how to do that here.

It is possible to simply use the API key and secret for the root user. This is definitely the simplest
solution but it is equivalent to using the Supervisor user in Raiser’s Edge and not recommended
by AWS. Instead, it is a better practice to create a user for this purpose that only has the right that they
actually need.

Note: When creating your account there are two critical criteria you will need to fulfil:

  1. You will need to attach a credit card attached to the account, so make sure you have one handy when registering.
  2. You will need to receive a phone call to verify the account. Arranging to get the phone call after initial registration can be surprisingly difficult!