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Advanced Options

  • AWS Key: Enter your AWS key and secret
  • AWS Options: Select your region, database size and enter your AWS login credentials
    • If already using AWS we advise setting up from a clean instance, either using a region that is not currently in use or speak to us.
    • We recommend using a medium instance as anything larger will incur significantly higher costs. You can find out more about instance size performance here.
    • Your database password should be a new password that you are setting up for the Audit Trail database. It is not a password for any existing system.
  • Authenticate: To authenticate Audit Trail Cloud with NXT, you will simply need to login to your NXT account. Ensure you are logged out of all Blackbaud accounts before clicking this link.
  • Download Options: Here you can select baseline (current) NXT data to download into your AWS database. If you choose not to download baseline data any changes will show the new value but will display ‘unknown’ as the previous value. You can choose to download baseline data for the following areas:
    • Biographical
    • Emails
    • Phones
    • Online Presences
    • Addresses
    • Gifts
      Note: It is not possible to download baseline data for solicit codes, prospect fields, and some others at present (see here for a full list). This is because Blackbaud do not make this data available to us in an efficient way. You will still see changes to these areas in the Viewer but the first time they are changed the previous value will show as ‘unknown’.
  • Tracker options: You can choose to track changes, additions and deletions. By default all are checked. If you don’t want to track a certain area then simply uncheck the box. You can add new trackers at any time by coming back into the Configuration.
  • Confirm start: Click to initiate set up – this will automatically create the systems needed on your AWS account for Audit Trail to run and add trackers to Raiser’s Edge. The following steps will then run in sequence:
    Add Infrastructure: This will add our infrastructure to your AWS account.

Download data: What is downloaded is based on what you selected in the download options (above), you can see the progress. This may take some time depending on the size of your database.

Add Trackers: Trackers are added (webhooks created) based on what you selected in the tracker options, you can see the progress.

Summary: TBC

If at any point you leave the config you can go back in via the icon on your desktop to continue