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Adding a scheduled process

Give your process a name and choose ‘Scheduled – a recurring process’


Select how often the process should be run and when it should start. You can choose from daily, weekly or monthly options.

Data Retrieval

Select where to pull data from, either:

  • An Audience; your Mailchimp audiences will populate the dropdown, select which to process
  • A Campaign; your Mailchimp campaigns will populate the dropdown, select which campaign(s) to process – you can select one or multiple campaigns from the same audience
  • An Automation Workflow; your Mailchimp automation workflows will populate the dropdown, select which one to process, you can then also select one or more emails from those in your automation on the secondary dropdown


Choose how records should be matched:

  • ‘Match against all constituents found’; so if this email is shared by two or more constituents in your CRM this action will be performed on each record containing this email address
  • Match on email according to duplicate email settings; if you have defined a ‘main contact’ for an email address in the configuration this record will be used for this process
  • ‘Match on constituent id mapped to the following merge field’; select the Mailchimp field from the drop-down containing your ConsID/LookupID, this is obviously the most accurate way of matching records


Select what data you want to retrieve from Mailchimp, you can choose one or more of the following:


How should this data be processed in your CRM? Select one or more of the below options:

Click done and your process will begin. You may wish to run multiple processes for each campaign to bring in all the different activities.