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Fields to Review or Create


  • You may need to add an Audience, or add new fields to an existing one
  • Consider your Audience Settings and Merge Tags
    • To add the Constituent ID/LookupID or Address fields, make sure they are set up as text fields (Mailchimp formatted fields don’t play nicely with Blackbaud fields).
  • You may want/need to add GDPR fields

Raiser’s Edge

  • Tracking everyone sent
    • If using Actions/Interactions, you will need to create Action/Interaction Attributes for Opens, Clicks and Campaign ID and Campaign Name. These should always be text type fields.
  • Managing mailing results
    • You may need to create processes for how you manage unsubscribes, bounces etc. in your database, if you already have such processes make sure you can mirror them in Chimpegration 
    • Options include areas such as Consent/Solicit Codes, Custom Fields/Attributes or marking the email address as “Do Not Contact”/”Do not send email”.
    • You may need to add additional options for these areas if you would like to be able to track that this information came from Mailchimp.
  • Using Lists/Queries in your database
    • Review your Output on any List/Query that you are using with Chimpegration to ensure that it has all of the fields that you would like to work with in Mailchimp.