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Creating a Scheduled Export

Give your Export a name and choose ‘Scheduled – a recurring process’

Select a query/list to pull data from in your database and a Mailchimp Audience to export into.

When you create your query/list be sure to include any fields you wish to use in the mailing in the output criteria (e.g. first name, donation amount etc), you will always need to include an email address and a ConsID or LookupID for all constituents too.


You can add records in this export to an existing Mailchimp tag or create a new one. You can add multiple tags.

You can also choose whether to add to any existing users tags or overwrite their current tags.

You can choose whether to only add new emails or add new email addresses and update existing records. The first option will not update the values of constituents already in Mailchimp. Please note that existing constituent records are matched by email address only in the export.


Choose the schedule for your export, you can select from daily, weekly, or monthly.

Field Mapping

Here you can map your query/list output fields to your Mailchimp merge fields. In order to reduce the number of fields you see in the dropdown we have grouped the query/list fields into categories. You will need to select the area the field you require is in first, to see the options in the field dropdown.

If you do not wish to import certain Mailchimp fields simply ignore them in your mapping.

The LookupID field must be matched to the appropriate Mailchimp field in order for the export to proceed. You must also include an email address or the export will not run, as this is a field required by Mailchimp.

You can set up any number of additional merge fields in Mailchimp before your import to accommodate your fields selected in your query output.

Click ‘done’ and your export will begin. Please note that the tile appears on the dashboard only when your schedule runs.