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Adding a realtime process

Give your process a name and choose ‘Realtime – updates happen as users make them’

Data Retrieval

Realtime processes are only available to changes at an audience level, not campaigns or automations. so select your Audience here; your Mailchimp audiences will populate the dropdown, select which to process


Choose how records should be matched:

  • ‘Match against all constituents found’; so if this email is shared by two or more constituents in your CRM this action will be performed on each record containing this email address
  • Match on email according to duplicate email settings; if you have defined a ‘main contact’ for an email address in the configuration this record will be used for this process
  • ‘Match on constituent id mapped to the following merge field’; select the Mailchimp field from the drop-down containing your ConsID/LookupID, this is obviously the most accurate way of matching records


Select what data you want to retrieve from Mailchimp, you can choose one or more of the following:


How should this data be processed in your CRM? Select one or more of the below options:

Click done and your process will be set up. You may wish to set up multiple processes for each audience to bring in all the different activities.