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Creating Additional ‘Chimpegration View’ Users

Anyone within your Organization can use Chimpegration View. You can invite users from the ‘User Management’ tab from within the Settings area on the left sidebar menu.

In order to add access to the Chimpegration View tile for your NXT users that don’t have a ZeidZone account, send them an invitation id here. Click on the ‘Invite a new user’ button in the right.

Fill out the details to invite a user, you can also send them a notification with a custom message.

The user can then use the notification code to activate the Tile on their NXT account. When they login to NXT they will be able to enter this code into the Chimpegration tile to view email activity.

If any users have their own Zeidzone account with us simply contact us and we can add them to your Organization manually. They can then use thier own credentials to activate the tile.