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Fields to review or create


  • You may need to add an Audience, or add new fields to an existing one
  • Consider your Audience Settings and Merge Tags
    • If you add the Constituent ID or Address fields, make sure they are set up as text fields (Mailchimp formatted fields don’t play nicely with RE fields).
  • You may want/need to add GDPR fields

Raiser’s Edge

  • Tracking everyone sent
    • If using Actions, you may want to set up Action Attributes for Opens, Clicks and Campaign ID and Campaign Name. These need to be set up in database view and should always be text type fields.
  • Managing mailing results
    • You may need to create processes for how you manage unsubscribes, bounces etc. in NXT, if you already have such processes make sure you can mirror them in Chimpegration 
    • Options include areas such as Consent, Custom Fields or marking the email address as “Do Not Contact”.
    • You may need to add additional options for these areas if you would like to be able to track that this information came from Mailchimp.
  • Using Lists in NXT
    • Review your Output on any List that you are using with Chimpegration to ensure that it has all of the fields that you would like to work with in Mailchimp.