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Advanced Settings

If you press on the Z logo in Chimpegration

This brings up the about box.

Manage Profiles

Profiles allow one instance of Raiser’s Edge to be used by multiple groups of Mailchimp users. Most obviously, this would be to allow one instance of RE to be used by more than one Mailchimp account but it could also be used by two groups using the same instance of RE and the same Mailchimp account but have different setting requirements. See more here.

Region Settings

Chimpegration assumes that if you are using a US database, then your date and time formats will be in US format. Likewise for Canadian and UK. (How do I determine which database I am using?)

If your Windows format differs from the standard it is possible to adjust the format that Chimpegration expects.

Select Region Settings from the Advanced menu. This brings up the following box which is similar to the Windows region settings. If you then select the format that matches your Windows format,  it should override the existing formatting. This will take effect after restarting Chimpegration.

Debug Mode and Delete All Settings

You will only ever need to use these if instructed by Zeidman Development support