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Duplicate Emails

In Mailchimp a subscriber is uniquely identified by their email address, but this is not the case in Raiser’s Edge. In RE you may have more than one constituent with the same email address. For example you may have a family email address such as TheSmiths@example.com. You may have multiple constituents that share an organisation email address such as info@example.com.

Chimpegration needs to be able to determine which constituent record should be updating which Mailchimp subscriber and vice versa. This record will then be used for all Chimpegration actions where constituent records share an email address.

As there is no requirement in RE for email address to be unique but there is such a requirement in Mailchimp these settings allow you to determine which constituent should be regarded as the main contact person for a specific email.

You can specify

  • a constituent attribute or a constituent code.
  • the constituent where the email address is marked as primary.

These can settings can be overwritten in the respective modules of Chimpegration.

The following describes how they are used in these modules.


If two constituents with the same email address appear in the query for export, Chimpegration will select the one containing the attribute specified here. You can overwrite this in the export section for certain audiences if you prefer.

Manage Campaign Results

Here you have the option to process the records as per the defaults set above or to process against all records. However if you select to use ConsID to identify matches this will ignore these settings.


Here the ConsID is used to identify constituents by default. However for new users signing up (who may already be in the database) it will use the email address and the criteria above to try and match the constituent.

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