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Manage Audience

Manage Audiences enables you to perform simple tasks connected directly to a list. You are able to add a consent record when someone subscribes or when someone unsubscribes from a list. You are also able to capture their Mailchimp star rating and store it as an attribute on their constituent record.

To see a video demonstration of Manage Audiences, click here.

  • Select the Mailchimp audience to retrieve data from
  • Select the merge field that stores the constituent id. Records are looked up by constituent id unless there is no value. In this case they are looked by email address
  • Select a control report for any errors
  • Next you should select a process:
    • For subscribes and unsubscribes you can add a consent record (The consent date is given the date of the subscribe or unsubscribe).
    • For the star ratings you can add an attribute.

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