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With each data source you will need to create your mapping template based on the data you wish to import. You get access to import into the constituent, address and gift fields for free.

You will need to have access to some data to create a mapping template as these are specific to each data source and based on the fields available.


Click on the dropdown to select pre-built and starter templates (available for some data sources, you will need to check through these to map to specific areas of your RE), or, to create a new template click on the plus symbol, and choose a name for your mapping template. To edit a mapping template click on the pencil symbol.

You can have many different templates for different events, forms, email lists etc.

You can now map data to different areas of RE using the tabs provided. See the mapping guides for each area for further details.

You also need to create a control report, this will show any errors in the import.

Choose to create queries of new and updated constituents and exceptions for review later.