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Application Settings

When validating an import, no records are created. This is not a problem when validating a constituent record but when validating a child record that must be associated with a constituent the constituent must exist.

The application settings screen is used for setting up a dummy constituent for use when validating relationships and other records that require a constituent to have already been saved.


Default Criteria Settings

Criteria Settings are used to look up existing records in Raiser’s Edge before importing. Each mapping template has criteria sets associated with it. You are also able to change the default criteria sets that affect new templates when they are created. They can then be edited per template. For more info on this please see area ‘Avoiding Duplicates’ in this document.

Data Source Settings

In order for Importacular to “talk” to external data sources it needs to know your API key or you may have to authenticate the data source so that it allows Importacular work with the web application. See each data source FAQ here for further details.