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Gift Soft Credit

The gift soft credit mapping allows you to create a soft credit to any other constituent (such as one created via individual relationships) in the mapping by either selecting the mapped constituent in the dropdown menu labeled Linked Constituent (shown below) or by linking to the Constituent ID for the constituent who should recieve the soft credit. To use either of these options, the Individual Relationship destination is required (however users with other destinations that create a Constituent may also be able to add a soft credit to one of those mappings – for areas such as Organisation Relationships, Solicitor/Canvasser and Tribute).

If you would rather not import a relationship for the person who is to receive the soft credit, using the Linked Constituent ID option is the most effective means of adding the soft credits.  This may mean that you will need to add that field to your file or that you will need to use Data Transformations in order to map that data correctly.

In the field settings for the amount, you can choose a proportion or amount less a fixed value if you don’t want to soft credit the full amount.

In order for a soft credit to be created, you must have both an amount and a constituent mapped.