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Import to Solicitor/Canvasser

For the purpose of this document when referring to Solicitor we also mean Canvasser in the UK.

Please watch this video for a demo of the Solicitor/Canvasser destination.

This section of the User Guide will show you how to create the constituent record for the Solicitor. Within the Solicitor (Canvasser) tab, you have two Mapping Areas to choose from: Assigned Solicitor Constituent and Assigned Solicitor Relationship. Once you have a Solicitor record mapped using Assigned Solicitor Constituent , you can create a Solicitor Relationship to the Primary Constituent and link that record to Gifts (as well as Actions, Memberships and Proposals if you also have those paid areas).

Below, you can see a screen where both the Solicitor and the relationship to the Solicitor have been mapped.