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Step 4 – Validating and Importing

We are able to validate the data before importing. This will perform all the same validation checks without actually saving it to RE. That way if there are errors we can fix them before importing the data.

On pressing the Validate button we get the error shown below. This is because we have not updated the decide values in the grid

Once we have changed those values we are able to proceed.

As the application is processing the record the status column updates to show you what has happened to the records

The summary screen also gives you an overview. The control report that you entered on the start screen will allow you to take a deeper  look at the results.

The first row is an “Ignore” row that was sent to the control report. The second row is telling us that county value of Somerset does not exist in RE. We can fix that issue in RE and validate again. You can find help for specific error messages in our knowledge base.

Once we are happy with the results we can untick the Validate Data Only tick box and import the data. You can find gifts in a batch, you will need to commit the batch to see the gifts on the imported/updated records.