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Match Settings

Organisations with the Individual Relationship destination have additional options that allow them to customise what they would like to happen when non-constituent spouses are matched to their constituent spouses in the Importacular Review screen.

While reviewing a specific record, you can click on the Match Setting icon (shown in the middle of the screen below).

Once opened, the Match settings give the options below.

The first option is the default i.e. it will update the matched record according to the template that you have set up. It will update any biographical values so if this is matching on the head of household but this is not the actual donor, then you will want to use of the other two options. For example if Jane Doe donates but her husband John is the head of household, because the criteria sets match on, say, constituent id (or even last name, initial and address fields) then the match would be made to John’s record. If you were to select the first option then it would update John’s name to Jane!

The second option can be used where there is currently no corresponding relationship record on matched record. This will create a new constituent and link that constituent to the matched constituent with a relationship using the values you specify i.e marking them as spouse, marking them as the head of household instead and choosing the relationship and reciprocal values. Using our same John and Jane Doe example, this assumes that John is in the system but that Jane is not in the system. This option would create Jane’s record based on all the incoming fields putting the gift on her record. It would then link John and Jane’s record with a relationship record.

The final option can be used to add the gift to the matched record but not update areas that have been selected. In the case of John and Jane Doe, you will want to select the constituent area (because that has first name, gender, birthdate and other values specific to Jane) and other areas that are specific to Jane’s record and should not be added to John’s.

At the current time there is no way to automatically soft credit the non head-of-household record.