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Bank and Financial Relationship Area Settings

Bank Area Settings

Press on the bank’s area settings in order to determine which fields should be used to look up the bank in RE as well as what to do when a matched account is found.

Note that this screen will differ depending on which country version of RE you are using. This is the UK version with the sort code. The US version will have the transit/routing number and the Canadian and Australian version will have their respective terms for a code that represents the bank.

In these settings you decide how to match an existing bank in RE.

Financial Relationship Area Settings

The financial relationship area settings allow you to determine whether or not the financial relationship already exists for the constituent with the bank.

Normally it would be sufficient to look up the financial relationship by the bank only. However it may be that a constituent has two relationships with the bank using different account numbers. If this is the case then you can also search for the bank using a combination of the bank and the account number.

Bank Phone Area Settings

These differ slightly from our standard phone area settings, but they do allow you to customise how your phone numbers are entered into the Raiser’s Edge.