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Import to Banks and Financial Relationships

You can watch a video demonstration of the Banks and Financial Relationships destination here.

In order to import a financial relationship for a constituent there must also be an associated bank. Importacular can link to existing banks in the Raiser’s Edge or it can create new bank records. To create the financial relationship, Importacular requires a Bank Mapping (it will either create a new Bank or it will match to an existing one using the criteria on the Bank Mapping Area Settings).

In order to link to a gift, you will need both a bank mapping and a financial relationship by heading to the ‘Banks’ tab.

Note:  There is a lot of inconsistency in RE around banks and financial relationships. Because Importacular takes the labels that appear in RE, unfortunately some of the inconsistencies will also be transferred to Importacular. For the sake of this documentation, we refer to the bricks and mortar company as the “Bank” and the account that a constituent has at that bank as the financial relationship.

For additional information, please see this Knowledgebase article on the same topic.

While organisations can opt to use the Bank and Financial Relationship data destination without the Pledge and Recurring Gift Payment data destination, many organisations opt to use these together, so much of our documentation shows that functionality. It is not required that they be purchased together should an organisation only want to work with one or the other.