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Assigned Solicitor Relationship Mapping

Assigned Solicitor relationship records connect two constituents, one of whom is marked as being a solicitor (although it is entirely possible that they could both be marked in that way). This relationship indicates one of the two as asking the other to donate.

In Importacular, we need to first map a constituent that is a solicitor and then map the assigned solicitor relationship record between the primary constituent that we are importing and also to the mapped solicitor. This is shown below:

The first mapping is the constituent solicitor. This mapping is treated in exactly the same way as a regular constituent mapping. You are able to select whether it is an individual, organization or a combined import. You use the same criteria sets to look up the constituent. The only difference is that the Is Solicitor check box is automatically checked without the possibility to uncheck it.

The second mapping is the relationship. You select the linked with as the newly mapped constituent solicitor and fill out any other fields as shown below: